Master Sutter stresses the importance of proper stance and chambering to his students.

All are welcome to enroll in Community Tae Kwon Do martial arts training. Enrollment in our schools is handled through the Boise Parks and Recreation Department. Once enrolled in Community Tae Kwon Do, you may also attend Club Nights, which are free to all enrolled students.

Tae Kwon Do is an ancient art more than 2000 years old. It is steeped in tradition and provides able practitioners one of the most effective means of unarmed self-defense. Concentration and dedication are paramount and, as such, consideration should be given when registering very young children to insure that they are amenable to the level of discipline required, including the ability to stand patiently and quietly during classes. Typical classes last between 1 and 1.5 hours. Our school welcomes students of ALL ages and we are very supportive of all interested in learning the various forms of Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do training is an excellent physical conditioning regimen and improves physical fitness while building self-defense skills. It helps to build personal confidence, emphasizing moral, spiritual, and physical growth.