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An Instructor’s Philosophy of Taekwondo

I  think most people begin Taekwondo for about the same reasons. Those of  us who have remained for many years have done so for very different  reasons than those that inspired us to take up the art. All of those  original reasons are still valid but today they are only a small part of  our relationship with Taekwondo.

It  is true that Taekwondo is a great method of self-defense as well as a  cardiovascular exercise that is almost without equal and a means to a  supple, flexible body that preserves our youth far into our senior  years. But we have come to know and love Taekwondo for many more  reasons.

From  the time a beginner enters our dojang, it is the unified objective of  the instructors and fellow students to see that he or she succeeds. From  the first test the idea of seeing a goal and achieving it is planted  forever. With each belt promotion a sense of self-confidence develops  and overflows into every aspect of a student’s personal and professional  life. It establishes the will, motivation, perseverance, and personal  strength that encourages success in school, career, marriage and  personal relationships. It gives the student the strength to face  physical and emotional challenges with self-assuredness. The achievement  of "black belt" often results in the development of a personal  philosophy for living.

For  those of us who have sustained our commitment to Taekwondo and found  the depth beneath its flashy exterior, we have found that peace that  comes from knowing ourselves. We have watched the line between Taekwondo  and the other aspects our lives gradually disappear until they have  become one.

We  have become physically equipped to battle our enemies but realize that  our enemies are often emotional crises, apathy, laziness, spiritual  weakness and even old age. It is fortunate that Taekwondo has given us  the means to deal with even the most abstract enemies. We are privileged  to take with us a weapon as powerful as Taekwondo, and it is our  pleasure to share it with hundreds of enthusiastic students.